Kings Roofing & Siding located in Lancaster PA, has been servicing the Greater Northeastern parts of Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey since March of 2003. Our experienced team consist of members that have a minimum of 6 years experience. With all our team members there is one main goal and that is to make our customer’s satisfaction always our top priority. Our team will always treat our customer’s homes like they are our own.

Here at Kings Roofing & Siding, there is never any job too big or too small, we thrive to meet all your residential or commercial building needs. Our qualified team specializes in everything including:

  • installing a brand new roof on your home
  • having a roof repaired
  • new or repaired siding
  • installing windows and doors

Unlike most contractors who use heavy trucks or dumpsters, here at Kings Roofing & Siding we use a Roofers Buggy. The wide tires prevent tracks in your lawn and the compact design allows it to go almost anywhere. Any roofing debris is efficiently removed without any mess with the roofers buggy.We handle quite a bit of rubber Inland coating for flat roofs, to help our customers avoid the cost of a new rubber roof. We also install ABM metal roofing, as well as many varieties of roofs, siding, windows, and doors.