Kings Roofing & Siding specializes in replacement window and doors for Lancaster PA, Chester PA, and parts of New Jersey and Maryland. We offer a variety of window and door types to make your home not only look better but protect it with the very best materials in the industry.

Save on your cooling and heating bills by using our energy efficient windows. Our stylish windows and doors will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Below are some of the services that we offer with our window and door installation:

Window replacement process:

  1. Measure the existing window & window opening to ensure a perfect fit
  2. Remove the existing window
  3. Make sure the window opening is properly flashed
  4. In the case of wood siding, we cut a half in. opening beside the window & install trim behind the siding to ensure that no water can enter
  5. Insert the new, custom-made vinyl window
  6. Pack the window with insulation for energy efficiency & a proper fit
  7. Make sure the window is trimmed & clad properly on the exterior
  8. Caulk the new window
  9. Clean the windows & ensure all components fit very tightly

Exterior door installation process:

  1. Remove existing door as one piece
  2. Prep opening for the new door
  3. Custom cut trim and fitting
  4. Prep the new door as needed
  5. Set the complete door unit in place
  6. Clean up
  7. Pack the door with insulation
  8. Make sure the trim fits exactly
  9. Interior framing, hardware and weatherproofing
  10. Complete all detail work including painting, caulking and hardware installation
  11. Exterior weatherproofing and clean up

Kings Roofing & Siding installs a variety of windows and doors, for your residential or commercial property.

Below are a few examples of the different types of windows and doors we install:

Types Of Windows:

  • Awning Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Arched Windows
  • Vinyl Windows

Types of Doors:

  • Wood Hinged Doors
  • Bridge Water Doors
  • French Doors
  • Screen Doors